Clark fear and Monty Hilderbrand Have partnered together to bring the largest work out facility to the emmett valley community.  they are sharing their  passion for health and fitness with the residents of Gem County who know there is a better way, a way where they can get more out of life.  They have worked hard to make raw iron gym (commonly called The RIG  by our members) a place where you can feel comfortable, no matter where you are in your journey for fitness. They are rewarded for their efforts  because they love their members-their friends.  Every person who joins The RIG contributes to the success of others.​​



For those who think exercise, and healthy living is the most important aspect to living a happy life, then The R.i.g is  your kind of gym. If you're willing to put the time, effort and hard work in to reaching your fitness goals, then you need the right people (experts in fitness, health, and diet). You'll also need the right equipment (free weights, circuit machines, cardio equipment) and the right facility (comfortable, clean, hard-core, and the best part, 24/7 access).